Blue Max Trucking

  • Blue Max Trucking started operations in November 1984 and purchased its first truck shortly thereafter. The startup was based on the idea of supplying exceptional dump truck service to the greater Charlotte, NC region. Today, Blue Max Trucking has grown to over 250 trucks with operations in the Charlotte, NC, Myrtle Beach (Conway, SC) and Charleston (Summerville, SC) regions. Blue Max Trucking prides itself on the service and equipment it provides to the Blue Max customers and its employees. We operate dump trucks, dump trailers, low-boys and flatbed trucks.

    The Blue Max Mission

    Blue Max Trucking, Inc. is dedicated to providing high-quality and dependable hauling and transportation services to our customers. We will strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients, based on safety, reliability, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. To help fulfill this mission, we will treat our employees fairly and provide them with the safest, newest and most efficient equipment in the industry.

The Blue Max Fleet

    Dump Trailers

    Dump Trucks

    Flat Beds

    Low Boys